DID-based Fan Economy

Helping idols organize fans in a completely new way, building vibrant fan communities, and enhancing brand value.

The Future of Fan Economy

The fan economy has integrated into everyday life, shaping the way people socialize, consume culture, and engage in economic activities. Looking ahead, fans will evolve from mere consumers to proactive contributors and collaborators. They will immerse themselves in creating content, initiating discussions, and sharing insights. Through d.id's innovative solutions, the dynamics between fans and their idols, and even amongst fans, will undergo a transformative shift.

How d.id can benefit Fan Economy

The core of the DID-based Fan Economy is to define fan identities by assigning them a DID associated with the idol's brand. This is used to create an entirely new fan experience.

Direct Fan Authentication

Each fan is granted a unique DID with a shared suffix to serve as their fan identity credential, such as tim.swiftie, amy.swiftie. Regardless of the occasion, displaying this DID signifies one's identity. This will make it easier for idols to recognize their fans and for fans to recognize each other.

Enhancing Fan Identity and Group Affiliation

By incorporating the fan's name as a prefix and the idol's name as a suffix within the DID, fans will consistently experience a strong connection to the idol. DID also refines fan identities, ensuring that fans perpetually sense their inclusion within a broader fan community.

Securing Sustainable Income for Idols

Management companies can set annual fees for idols' DIDs, requiring fans to pay these fees each year to maintain their fan identity. DIDs consist of characters with endless combinations, and each DID can be individually priced based on its rarity, generating substantial and sustainable income for idols.

Permanently Capturing Fan Accomplishments

Through SoulFrag, fans' accomplishments in idol-fandom activities can be permanently linked to their DIDs. This includes details like which concerts they've attended, merchandise they've purchased, events they've organized, the amount of idol-related content they've created, and where they've met the idol. Fans can also easily showcase these achievements through their d.id Profiles.

Safeguarding Fans’ Interests

Management companies can categorize fans into different tiers based on their fan DID's star-chasing history and grant varying privileges to each tier, such as ticket discounts, limited access to events, and face-to-face encounters with idols. This incentivizes fans to actively pursue greater star-chasing achievements.

Creating Genuine Fan Engagement

Which candidate names should be chosen for the new album? Which song should the idol perform first at the next concert? Let fans decide through voting on Voty Only fans with DIDs can cast their votes, and their recent activity will be factored into the voting weight. This approach will truly empower fans to feel a sense of involvement, transforming them from mere consumers into co-creators.

Self-Sustaining Fan Community

Fans naturally have the motivation to seek out like-minded individuals and engage in discussions. Once fans possess DIDs, it becomes easier for them to identify each other, facilitating a deeper understanding of each other's star-chasing achievements and leading to more shared topics of interest. Fans with DIDs are eligible to initiate votes on Voty and collaborate on activities aimed at enhancing the idol's influence, further strengthening the sense of community among fans.

Online & Offline Integration

DID serves as the fans' online identity, while the DID Card represents their offline identity. A DID Card equipped with NFC functionality can serve as a credential for fans to participate in events, facilitate quick connections with others at event venues, and be used for collecting attendance records for various activities.

Our Unique Advantage

True Ownership of Fans

In our solution, the relationship between fans and idols is directly embedded in their names. This connection is independent of any platform and stored on the blockchain. This way, idols will truly and directly own their fans without the limitations of centralized platforms. Furthermore, since owning a DID requires payment, all fans are genuine individuals and not fake accounts found on centralized platforms.

Barrier-Free Web3 Principle

Although our solution is built on top of blockchain technology, it benefits from our commitment to the principles of Barrier-free Web3. Using our solution does not require idols and fans to have any knowledge of blockchain.

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