Making Web3 Accessible to All

We believe that the value and potential of Web3 should be accessible to everyone, not just tech insiders. That's why we've created a platform where anyone can explore and engage with the Web3. No prior Web3 knowledge is needed.

Barrier-free Web3
Our Promise to the World

We've introduced “Barrier-free Web3” principle, which is both a pledge to users and a call-to-action for the industry. This initiative aims to make everyone's interaction with Web3 as easy as possible. All offerings are designed in alignment with the following principles:


When using these products, users don't need to worry about what private keys/mnemonic phrases are, and they don't need to learn how to back them up.


Users don't need to understand what gas fees are, and they won't be prevented from using the application due to a lack of a specific token.


While providing a simplified onboarding, the technology remains permissionless and under full user control.

Experience Web3 barrier-free
with products

Together, let's make Web3 more accessible.

Dive into our technical specifics to grasp how we make Web3 accessible.
Should you wish to ensure your product is also Web3-accessible, we invite you to join our community discussions and collaborate with us!

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