Soul Fragments
that Shaped Us

SoulFrag, the first DID-Based reputation management System that aims to construct the cornerstone of human reputation for every individual and community.

DID is our body,
SBTs are our souls.
SBTs, representing our contributions, achievements, and positions, are tied to our DID, just like how the soul resides in the body.
Remember our deeds
From brand memberships, celebrity fan bases, to gaming communities, DAOs, and interest groups, every community can build an exclusive reputation management system using our trio of adaptable SBTs.
A numerical SBT used to incentivize community members to complete tasks.
General Badge
Signifies that a member has achieved a specific accomplishment or holds a certain position.
Levelup-able Badge
This type of SBT has different levels and is commonly used to provide members with a clear roadmap for personal growth.
Unlock new possibilities
When community members' contributions, achievements, and positions are recorded as SBTs, they become transparent and effortlessly verifiable.
SBTs determines voting power
In DID-based governance systems like, soul fragments serve purposes like:
A determining factor for voting power
Auto-update voting power as position changes
People who contribute more have a greater say.
The most trust-worthy resume
Community members continuously create, collaborate, and contribute within the community.
The SBTs they earn form their most trusted personal resume allows people to better showcase themselves and easily connect with other members.
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Seamless collaboration
Soul Fragments that you earn are open to public view, which means:
Other applications or services can customize experience based on your identity, or made gated to certain groups of people, creating powerful network synergies.
It's a synergy not just among individuals, but also between people and businesses or organizations.
SoulFrag supports
mainstream DID system

SoulFrag is a public resource, allowing any community that adopts .bit's Top-level DID or ENS's Subname as its membership identifier to effortlessly and transparently use the platform.

A barrier-free Web3 Experience

SoulFrag is user-friendly, accessible to everyone, whether or not you're familiar with Web3. Just use the biometric features on your device to interact with SoulFrag.




Start encoding the deeds