DID-based Creator Economy

Supporting every creator in building their own brand, monetizing their creations, and identifying devoted followers.

Empowering Creators with Respect

Individuals across various fields who create unique works or content contribute to making the world more diverse through their creativity and hard work. However, their creations have not always rewarded them with the income they deserve, as centralized platforms have taken the lion's share of the earnings. d.id aims to disrupt this paradigm by harnessing the power of decentralization, returning income to creators and liberating them from the constraints of centralized platforms.

How d.id can benefit Creators

Addressing Funding and Income Challenges

If you have great ideas but lack startup capital, "DID as a service" offers a straightforward solution. Assign a DID suffix for your project, set a price on topdid.com, and people can support you by purchasing it. Initially, the DID validates your idea's market potential, and later it becomes a credential for accessing your product or service, ensuring a sustainable income source.

Co-Creating with Supporters

When you run out of inspiration, initiate a Topic Grant on voty, allowing DID-holding supporters to brainstorm and vote for the best idea.

If you have multiple options and can't decide on the best one, hold a vote on Voty, enabling DID-holding supporters to make the choice.

Permanently Recording Supporters' Contributions

The birth of any creation relies on the contributions of supporters. Through a variety of SBT (Soul-bound Tokens) templates provided by SoulFrag, every instance of their feedback, every promotional effort, and every face-to-face interaction can easily be permanently recorded on the supporter's DID. This serves as a testament to their support for you and their involvement in your creations.

When you achieve significant success, these permanent records of contributions also allow supporters to gain widespread social recognition.

Our Unique Advantage

Empowering Creators with Freedom

In our solution, the relationship between creators and their supporters is directly embedded in their names. This connection is independent of any platform and stored on the blockchain, liberating creators from the constraints of centralized platforms.

Barrier-Free Web3 Principle

Although our solution is built on top of blockchain technology, it benefits from our commitment to the principles of Barrier-free Web3. Using our solution does not require creators and supporters to have any knowledge of blockchain.

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