Founded in 2021, is a global leader in decentralized identity (DID) systems. We offer a suite of DID-based solutions designed to enhance community growth and digital identity building.

Our Solutions

Our Mission
As our world becomes more and more interconnected, a secure, universally recognized identity becomes not just a nice-to-have, but a necessity.
Envision endless possibilities:
Connecting, creating, and collaborating in ways you never thought possible. And that's the revolution is all about.

Our Values

Access to all

At, we strongly believe in empowering individuals and communities to possess their distinct digital identities without complexity, ensuring easy navigation and customization in the Web3 world.

You are in control

No more following centralized authorities' definitions in the digital realm. With, you define your digital identity through your experiences, reflecting your individuality. You're in charge of your digital persona here.

It's about trust creates a reputation management system where actions speak, like a garden where trust grows from transparent actions. Your identity, deeds, and reputation are your badges of authenticity. Stand tall in your community.

Hear every voice

Our DID-based community governance system empowers you. Imagine a digital town hall echoing every voice, promoting unity and shared governance. Together, we drive progress, fairness, and transparency.

Connect everyone, as social architects, bridges gaps with DID. We foster belonging, self-expression, and meaningful connections. Individual and community identities flourish together.