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For Community

Next-Gen Community Management

Using "DID as a Service," .bit provides unified DIDs for your community, ushering in a new management paradigm.

We believe
‍DID-Based Community is the next paradigm shift.

Easier member identification

People with the same DID suffix are members. This makes identifying peers and tribes simpler, both online and offline.

Stronger sense of belonging

The DID suffix is like a family surname, fostering pride and a natural connection among those with the same suffix.

Enhanced achievement system

SBTs, which denote contributions, achievements, and positions, can be linked to DIDs and utilized for diverse services and verifications.

More transparent governance

Only those with the same suffix can vote or propose. Voting weight is based on their held SBTs in this DID-based governance.

Sustainable funding

Community managers can opt to issue second-level DIDs for free. Members can support the community by buying these DIDs, symbolizing their membership.

Embrace the New Paradigm

For Individual

Personal DID to go for

A potent DID for everyone, enriched with features to enhance convenience, enjoyment, and security.

Your data, you control

You are the boss of your digital identity.

Your unified DID across various apps

Use .bit to embrace an ecosystem with over 100 apps - tailored to your DID’s needs.

Your assets are secure

.bit Alias enhances security by providing an extra verification layer for asset transfers in the previous address-to-address transaction system.

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Your unique DID-based profile

Showcase your achievements, SBTs, NFTs, Social connections in a fun way!

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A barrier-free Web3 Experience

.bit is user-friendly, accessible to everyone, whether or not you're familiar with Web3. Just use the biometric features on your device to interact with .bit.